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Iran turns to diplomacy amid high regional tensions

14 May 2018, 12:05 | Floyd Cook

Iran turns to diplomacy amid high regional tensions


The scope of the attacks, which Israel called its largest in Syria since 1973, raised the spectre of a conflict between Iran and Israel. Though Iran has been feverishly building military installations facing the Israeli border, Iranian forces in Syria are no match for Israel, as the Israeli strikes have demonstrated.

"It's nearly as though [Israel] is saying, 'Now that that announcement is made and we know that Iran is supporting Hezbollah ... that it's fair game to hit Iran inside Syria, '" Alvi told ThinkProgress, referring to the largely Shia Lebanese force present in Syria and fighting alongside Iran and Russian Federation in support of Assad's troops.

Israel has warned it will not allow Iran to establish a military presence close to its borders in Syria, where Iranian military advisers, troops, and allied Shi'ite militia have since 2011 played a key role backing Assad in his civil war against Sunni rebels.

At least 11 Iranians were among those killed in unprecedented Israeli strikes on Syria this week, a monitor said Saturday.

Before leaving, Zarif published a government statement on his Twitter page, slamming the "extremist administration" of US President Donald Trump for abandoning "an accord recognised as a victory of diplomacy by the worldwide community". Iran rejects Israel's right to exist, considering it an illegitimate occupier of Muslim land, the BBC explained. Iran's proxy ally Hezbollah possesses 140,000 rockets aimed at Israel, including guided missiles capable of hitting strategic targets and population centres.

Merkel told Iran's President Hassan Rouhani in a telephone call on Thursday that she supported maintaining the nuclear accord as long as Tehran upholds its side of the deal.

"Iran firmly condemns the attacks by the Zionist regime on Syrian territory", said foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi, cited Friday by semi-official news agency ISNA.

Israeli attacks in Syria, of course, could damage Russian interests. He spoke as thousands of Iranians marched in anti-Israel and anti-US protests nationwide. Iran is too powerful now to risk a large-scale confrontation with Israel. If it wants to keep its influence it will de-escalate the rising tensions near the Golan. Israel, however, said it hit targets near the capital, in southern and central Syria, hitting weapons storage, logistics sites and intelligence centers used by elite Iranian forces in Syria. But as both Russian and Israeli press accounts have reported, Israel informed Russia about the attacks it would make as per the Russian-Israeli de-confliction agreement.

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