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Stoneman Douglas students not fond of clear backpacks

04 April 2018, 01:44 | Floyd Cook

Pollack said he has so far raised $150,000 for the new park. His goal is $1million to be used to build and maintain the park

Pollack said he has so far raised $150,000 for the new park. His goal is $1million to be used to build and maintain the park

Additional sheriff's deputies and Florida Highway Patrol troopers also have been stationed at the Parkland school since the February 14 massacre.

"Just implement a system that works", junior Kai Koerber told CNN, "Similar to what they do at court houses and the airport!" "I feel so safe now".

Despite the jokes, many students are making their argument clear: The backpacks aren't enough to make them feel safe from gun violence, and they're still fighting for action from lawmakers.

"As much as I appreciate the effort, we as a country need to focus on the real issue instead of turning our schools into prisons". Other measures now being put in place include requiring all students and staff to wear identification badges while on campus. The tags were also seen during last month's March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., when student activists David Hogg and Lauren Hogg said the dollar amount represented how much Republican senator Marco Rubio accepted from the NRA divided by every student in the state.

"We had clear backpacks in the early 2000s for this exact same reason ..."

"For those of us who were there, we saw things and heard things".

Now, as the requirement is in affect, students adamant for stricter gun laws are voicing louder concerns.

"I don't think that it does anything", Jack said.

She said she wants to see more modern technology used to secure the school.

"They [students] very typically just hide the weapon inside something in the bookbag". This is not an anomaly. They buy all of these different containers and put the gun in there, or they put it in a tennis shoe or wrap the gun in their gym shorts. Sports bags and instrument cases are now checked at entry points and must be dropped off with a teacher or coach before school starts.

Despite Mr Dorn's scepticism about the effectiveness of clear backpacks, he understood why schools were so eager to change their policies after a shooting. "Also, unless you very much restrict what's allowed in the backpack, like no textbooks, the clear book bag doesn't have much of a objective", he said.

Survivors of a school shooting in Parkland, Florida returned from spring break on Monday to new security measures; clear backpacks, and many students have lashed out, saying this new policy made them feel like they were in prison.

"We will adjust as needed moving forward", he tweeted in response to students.

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