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New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Teasers Released

16 March 2018, 01:50 | Conrad Doyle

Avengers: Infinity War Trailer 2 & Poster: The End Is Near

Avengers: Infinity War Final Trailer Shows Earth Forces Prepare For Thanos

It marks the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Speaking on the set of Infinity War last summer, we asked directors Anthony and Joe Russo about finally making audiences believe in the "big bad-ness" of Thanos for the film and how he's finally going to get his hands on those pesky stones. "That's his role in the comics, that's his role in these movies, and in order to be a preeminent villain you have to do some pretty bad things".

It happens to be the sequel to 2012's Marvel's The Avengers and 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

"Josh is an unbelievable actor, obviously".

In fact, Joe Russo likened it to the direction that Captain America and Falcon have taken in the two years between films. It'd be great to go after this person, or that person.' We know how the business is structured. Just figuring out, again, having such a cursory view of the character in the past, it's nearly like now we get to do the flip side of that... "It's whether who owns them would be willing". The directors teased that because of the homes of numerous stones, a lot of characters will come into direct conflict with Thanos over them.

The film boasts of having an incredible ensemble star cast with many actors from previous MCU films. Or wait until Infinity War comes out in theaters. All bets are off.

Anthony Russo: And what we need from their storytelling to help move us forward. Ryan was in the middle of shooting Black Panther, and he was here and we had several conversations, met with him many times, met with the crew many times with him, his production design department, we looked at fight vids from the story.

Anthony Russo: Have their space to come up with their individual visions for what they want to do, and then there's a point where it makes sense for us to intersect with them and talk about the storytelling. "I think it's a very unique film". And without stakes, there really isn't a lot of value to the story.

I think James has functioned the same way that everyone has been functioning. "Characters on Cap's team made certain decisions", he said, "and others made other decisions that led to different paths in them dealing with oversight in this movie in a different way". [Gunn has an executive producer credit for Avengers: Infinity War.] Outside Guardians stuff, are there other aspects of the story that is he collaborating with you guys on, and what's that experience been like?

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