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'Jessica Jones' Season 2 is a bit of an uphill climb

09 March 2018, 03:38 | Conrad Doyle

Sarah Shatz Netflix

Sarah Shatz  Netflix

"I just need sleep", Jessica says, trying to banish these visions of her tormentor. Things got off on the right foot, especially with Jessica Jones being the introductory vehicle to exposing the series' main storyline, but once she started having less screen time, I found myself not giving a fuck about the rest of the show.

The second season of the Marvel series hit Netflix on International Women's Day. Each comic book cover is illustrated by a woman, and highlights the episode title and the female director at the helm. In the first couple of episodes of the second season, the camera lingers instead on her haggardness.

In its second season, the contrast between the title character (Krysten Ritter) and her antagonist is the core of "Jessica Jones", the best of Netflix's Marvel Cinematic Universe series. I'm sure it will get somewhere eventually but again, in the first five episodes, there's just no real sense of urgency here. The camera used to linger on Jessica's ideal, luminous skin and dark hair and eyes to make the contrast reflect her anger. What happens then? And what happens when the good guy isn't a good guy at all, but a girl, and one so conflicted about her own actions that she can't call herself "good"? It also makes the wise choice to deepen Jessica and Trish's complicated relationship, digging into their shared past. This, of course, is IGH. As far as reckless decisions go, it's probably not even the most questionable one Jeri has made over the past two seasons, but she's smart enough to know, even without being privy to all the specifics of Jessica's case, that it's a dubious plan, otherwise she wouldn't have hidden it from Jess.

This season, the villain on Jessica Jones is actually a little multi-faceted. That's essentially the plot of The Punisher, which was only at its juiciest when Frank was on screen.

Jessica Jones season 2 drops on Thursday night while Luke Cage season 2 will debut in June. That means bringing in her new beau, and an assortment of trash individuals with a host of secret documents and whatever else is handed out in dark alleys. She's still the endlessly watchable cold, prickly knife with reluctant warmth she always was, benefitted by a script which feels more tailored to showcase her performance strengths. Everything feels like it's important, but is it really 13 episodes worth of importance? Ideally, they'd be free to tell the story they want in the time it needs, rather than filling X amount of instalments.

On a different note, we also do not anticipate that the upcoming Disney streaming service is going to impede on the future of Jessica Jones in any way. Sadly, Trish has chose to give Jessica a little kick in the trousers as far as finding out what really happened to her after that auto crash, and she's doing it by calling out a certain shady medical company on-air, which brings a variety of weirdos out of the woodwork. (That's a longer story for another time.) They both live to fight another day. (There's a minor if unintended "Watchmen" element at play here that suits the show's hard-boiled aesthetic nicely.) "Jessica Jones" shrouds its Season Two heavy (played by Janet McTeer) in mystery while holding her up as a mirror for Jessica, adding a final wrinkle to the season's mosaic of trauma.

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