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Israel, Russia and Iran: Interests Trump All

14 February 2018, 06:55 | Floyd Cook

UN officials, Church leaders decry escalating situation in Syria

UN officials Church leaders decry escalating situation in Syria

"We will continue to defend our vital security and other interests".

That's the reason Israel stepped up its air attacks on February 10, focusing on what it called "Iranian bases", and why the United States has announced it will maintain and increase its troop levels in Syria.

It said those aircraft came under heavy Syrian anti-aircraft fire and the F16 was hit, crashing in northern Israel 's Jezreel valley. "We didn't know what was happening, we heard helicopters and planes in the air", said one eyewitness.

So far, other European countries have remained largely silent on the latest Israel-Iran-Syria military clash. Israel is dissatisfied by the current situation, because it believes no matter the outcome of the Syrian crisis, Iran will benefit from it.

Yet Israeli generals only threatened more attacks.

In the talks on 29 January, which were also attended by Russia's and Israel's top intelligence officials, Netanyahu said the discussion centred on "various regional developments, enhanced security coordination between the [Israeli] and the Russian military forces in Syria, and a series of issues that are important - very important - for Israel's security".

He argued that it is time to hurt the octopus itself and not waste time with the proxies, although he insisted he did not necessarily mean military action. It demonstrated that it could demolish all Syrian forces if necessary to establish complete air superiority, but by not doing so gave Damascus an incentive to avoid future conflict. "Those who have to leave Syria are the ones who have not been permitted by the Syrian government", said Ali Akbar Velayati, the Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran's Expediency Council, on Wednesday. "We will not waste our resources and energy fighting in Lebanese towns while you [Iran's leaders] recline in your chair and watch", Bennett underlined. "There is a new Cold War prevailing in Syria and any escalation could pave the way for a regional or worldwide war given the fact that the big powers are directly present on the ground and not through proxies, as used to be the case in the past". Saturday's incident stirred up further questions in Israel about the effectiveness of a coordination mechanism set up with Russian Federation, which has also been reinforcing and arming Assad's army. As stated in the above, Israel has repeatedly conducted air strikes to thaw Iran's attempts to transfer weapons to Hezbollah.

Currently, there are about 2,000 US troops inside Syria. The drone was launched from the Tiyas military airbase-also known as the T-4 airbase, near Palmyra, Syria-journeyed through Jordanian airspace, and was shot down by the Israeli air force over Israeli territory, in order to be able to study it. It is a call for all countries to stop hiding behind obscure organizations and accomplish what they want in Syria by themselves.

Haarets newspaper notes that the Saturday Israeli attacks stopped immediately after Russian president Vladimir Putin spoke with Benjamin Netanyau.

Speaking in Jordan today, the US Secretary of State said Iran and Iran-backed forces should withdraw from the war-torn nation over concerns from Washington about a recent confrontation between Tehran and Israel.

Furthermore, it would appear that President Assad is not going to be removed from power anytime soon.

Tensions ran high past weekend after a military standoff between Syria and its southern neighbor Israel, threatening to bring in new actors to a seven year-long civil war and in the wake of a gradually disappearing Islamic State (IS, or "ISIS"). They now confront one another directly in Syria for the first time.

The F-16 jet was hit over northern Israel on Saturday as it returned from a raid on a Syrian position blamed for launching an Iranian-made drone across the border.

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