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Clarke, Andreasen: With nuclear weapons, we're getting too comfortable thinking the unthinkable

04 February 2018, 01:33 | Floyd Cook

Clarke, Andreasen: With nuclear weapons, we're getting too comfortable thinking the unthinkable

Despite US denial nuclear posture review revolves around Russia

Document purporting to show diagrams of a new Russian underwater torpedo is broadcast during a 2015 meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

But that weapon isn't just a work of fiction.

It denied accusations against Russian Federation made in the USA document.

The Nuclear Posture Review is a step in the right direction wholly consistent with a bipartisan consensus on US nuclear weapons policy post Russia's 2014 invasion of Ukraine. -Russian relationship today. In part, this stems from two contextual factors-the lack of trust and communication in bilateral ties and the rise of new non-nuclear weapons technologies.

Officials issued dire warnings that Russia's undersea nuclear torpedo could create widespread radioactive contamination, with some experts calling it a "doomsday weapon".

It was just one weapon highlighted in Friday's report, which focused heavily on current and future capabilities of USA weapons, along with the advancements made in countries like Russian, China, North Korea and Iran.

Russian Federation is developing at least two new intercontinental-range systems: A hypersonic glide vehicle, which are harder to detect after fired, and a nuclear-armed undersea torpedo.

In the long term, the United States military will also develop a new nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missile.

North Korea has also increased its missile capabilities and its chances of reaching the USA mainland.

In a statement Friday, Trump noted "successive United States administrations deferred much-needed modernization of our nuclear weapons, infrastructure and delivery systems" while other nuclear nations "grew their stockpiles".

The Trump administration concluded that the USA should largely follow its predecessor's blueprint for modernizing the nuclear arsenal, including new bomber aircraft, submarines and land-based missiles. It specifically points to a Russian doctrine known as "escalate to de-escalate", in which Moscow would use or threaten to use smaller-yield nuclear weapons in a limited, conventional conflict in Europe in the belief that doing so would compel the USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to back down.

Five years ago, the Pentagon's Defense Science Board published a report equating the impact of Chinese and Russian capabilities to launch an "existential cyber attack" against the United States with the impact of a nuclear attack - and recommended that the United States be prepared to threaten the use of nuclear weapons to deter cyberattacks.

China was also addressed, with American officials stating its arsenal would "prevent Beijing from mistakenly concluding" that it could gain advantage by using its nuclear weapons in Asia.

The new nuclear weapons policy follows on President Donald Trump's promise before taking office to expand and strengthen USA nuclear capabilities. "Rather, by convincing adversaries that even limited use of nuclear weapons will be more costly than they can tolerate, it in fact raises that threshold".

"It is important that we not let a button-measuring contest devolve into a button-pushing contest", he said.

Trump's policy is more aggressive toward Russia because it seeks the development of smaller-scale nuclear weapons, which Russia already has, so that the USA will not have to choose between launching a large nuclear weapon and mere conventional weapons in response to a hypothetical small-scale Russian strike on a US ally. "To the extent that having lower yield weapons makes our deterrence more credible, then I think it helps us to avoid getting into that situation".

The report follows promises made by President Trump to strengthen the nation's nuclear arsenal.

The new NPR calls for a continuation of the nuclear modernisation programme ordered by Mr Obama across the "triad" of ground-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched weapons and bombs delivered by plane.

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