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Here's Elon Musk's $600 Boring Company flamethrower

30 January 2018, 01:27 | Vickie Mathis

What? You don't think I can get away with selling an actual flamethrower?Image Mark Brake Getty Images

What? You don't think I can get away with selling an actual flamethrower

Mr Musk's idea to start selling the freakish product began as a joke in December when he pledged that if The Boring Company sold 50,000 limited edition baseball caps, it would start selling flamethrowers. That was Elon Musk's instruction on an Instagram video he posted Sunday showing him running toward a colleague with the newest offering from his Boring Company: a $500 flamethrower.

Just to be safe Musk is also selling "an overpriced Boring Company fire extinguisher", for $30 which is about £22.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company, is living up to his promise that he had made last December. Musk assured the Twitterverse, however, that he would not, in any way, cause the zombie apocalypse as a means to sell more Boring Co. flamethrowers.

With over 4,000 flamethrowers sold, that equates to approximately $2.4 million raised.

Elon Musk's latest line of products kicked up a stir on social media over the weekend including several references to a zombie apocalypse. The name "Boring Company" is a play on words, since the company is actually focused on 'boring' tunnels for trains and his proposed Hyperloop.

This is the second time The Boring Company has sold merchandise in a bid to secure funding for its ventures.

Musk claims his flamethrowers - which appear to expel a glowing, meter-long stream of sizzling terror - are good for roasting nuts.

Pitchford offered to allow Musk to write the "flavor text" and Musk tweeted back that he was fine with the flamethrower being used in the game. They said the company didn't depend on hat sales for revenue. The company's website warns that worldwide customers will likely face additional charges at customs.

This flamethrower fire sale (sorry) comes after the firm sold out its allotment of 20,000 hats.

The product information page also says that fire extinguisher is sold separately for exorbitant amounts of money (which is Dollars 30).

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