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WhatsApp to End BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone Support on December 31

28 December 2017, 12:50 | Virginia Benson

WhatsApp to End BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone Support on December 31

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The most used messenger Whatsapp has declared that it will end support by 31 December 2017 for Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10 and Windows 8.0 version and older.

Nokia Symbian S60, BlackBerry OS and Blackberry 10, Windows Phone 8.0, Nokia S40 will no longer be supported, it added. However, WhatsApp warns that since it will no longer actively develop for these platforms, some features may stop functioning at any time.

"While these mobile devices have been an important part of our story, they don't offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app's features in the future", the company's blog post said.

WhatsApp is said to be taking these measures to prioritize the allocation of its resources to newer platforms.

Withdrawing support for older BlackBerry phones is not likely to affect a great deal of WhatsApp users. "If you use one of these affected mobile devices, we recommend upgrading to a newer OS version".

If you're a BlackBerry user and want to stick with the company, you can move to any Android-powered BlackBerry device to continue using the app.

There is now no option to transfer your chat history between platforms. However, it also announced that itis ready to pull the plug for a number of older mobile operating systems, including Windows Phone 8 - the company already terminated support for Windows Phone 7 earlier this year. However, it does provide the option to send a person's chat history attached to an email, and provided instruction links on its web page. However surprising it may seem, there are still many Windows Phone handsets out there alive and breathing fine whose users will be unable to communicate with their friends and family.

After extending its deadline for ending BlackBerry 10 support, WhatsApp is clearly done with the OS once and for all.

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