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Divisions over Theresa May future made public with plot to topple her

07 October 2017, 12:31 | Floyd Cook

PA‚ÄĘTWITTERTheresa May was given a P45 form by prankster Lee Nelson during her speech

PA‚ÄĘTWITTERTheresa May was given a P45 form by prankster Lee Nelson during her speech

The former cabinet minister and chairman of the Conservative party said he had meant to keep his plot to topple the prime minister secret but May's aides leaked his name to The Times, forcing him into the open.

"There should be some very serious questions - that could have been a terrorist", said Tory MP George Freeman, the head of the Prime Minister's policy board.

Outside the hall, police arrested the prankster for a breach of the peace, and an investigation has been opened to discover how he was able to evade security to get within touching distance of the podium.

The prime minister then experienced a coughing attack, remedied by a throat lozenge offered her by Treasury Chancellor Philip Hammond.

She will add: "Let us shape up and give the country the government it needs".

Meanwhile, there are reports five former ministers have jointed a plot to force out the Prime Minister.

From the beginning her voice sounded raspy and she was forced to take repeated sips of water.

May's office says she will close the party's conference Wednesday with a speech telling ministers to "shape up" and focus on "the daily lives of ordinary working people".

Meanwhile, May also apologised to her party members for leading a campaign that was "too scripted, too presidential".

"I hope she carries on as PM for years to come", he said.

But the fiasco of her disastrous speech at this week's party conference has placed a great threat to her continued leadership. "Now I'm afraid it's being done a bit more publicly", Shapps told the BBC.

Mr Shapps said the list had been growing and was now up to around 30 names, although none of those are now in the Cabinet, and claimed it is "probably the time to have a leadership election".

He said May's bungled election, her failure to unite the cabinet and a poor party conference are the main reasons that up to 30 Conservative lawmakers backed the bid to tell May to go.

"I think there will be quite a few people who will now be pretty firmly of the view that she should resign", Vaizey told BBC Oxford in an interview on Thursday, when asked whether May should step aside.

Home secretary Amber Rudd and first secretary of state Damian Green both countered overnight news of Shapps' list, throwing their weight behind May's leadership.

It is not known whether Boris Johnson, who has been the subject of fevered leadership speculation amid his perceived disloyalty on Brexit in recent weeks, was one of the ministers who called Mrs May.

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