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Tesla remotely extends the range of some cars to help with Irma

12 September 2017, 12:37 | Vickie Mathis

Tesla extended the range of some Florida vehicles for drivers to escape Hurricane Irma

Helping drivers flee Irma, Tesla reportedly issues remote upgrade to boost battery power

A Florida motorist last week told Electrek that he discovered his Model S 60 had almost 40 additional miles and an unexpected "75" software badge. Tesla will continue keeping the full 75 kWh battery unlock through to September 16. 10, Tesla, the #Electric vehicle company founded by businessman Elon Musk, increased the #Battery Capacity for Tesla users in Florida to help them get to safety.

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) sent a free update to some owners in Florida to help them extend their driving range ahead of Hurricane Irma. If customers wanted, they could pay a little extra to have that additional 15-kWh unlocked. However, some of those vehicles are obviously still on the road, and Tesla certainly did the right thing by maxing out their range in Florida. And though the anonymous driver was not the hero who precipitated Tesla's gift, he is one of many who surely benefited.

These more affordable models feature a 75kWh battery pack, which is limited to 60kWh via software. Drivers could unlock extra battery capacity with an update for an extra US$3,000.

Helping drivers flee Irma, Tesla reportedly issues remote upgrade to boost battery power

The range on electric cars is one of the main reasons why there are still quite a few auto owners out there who aren't quite ready to make the switch. Changes to the way cars were made remotely using the system software update via mobile Internet.

People were ordered to evacuate their homes before the hurricane hit Florida Keys on Sunday but many reported troubles with leaving the area due to traffic jams, empty petrol stations and expensive flights.

Hurricane Irma left the Caribbean devastated last week and has ripped through Florida, too, leaving huge flooding in its wake.

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