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Protestors Force Nancy Pelosi To Leave Press Conference

22 September 2017, 12:40 | Floyd Cook

Morality Is Negotiable for Mr. Trump

A Deal on DACA Would Be the Ultimate Test of Trump's Base

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was shouted down Monday at a press conference in San Francisco, where she was slated to urge passage of the DREAM Act to shield so-called "Dreamers" from deportation. Barbara Lee and Jared Huffman, Pelosi called on Congress to immediately pass a new version of the DREAM Act.

As a student representative, Kagianas said that she hopes a strong showing of public leaders will allow her peers to learn about the significance of the Dream Act.

"We are here to say, 'We will fight for our Dreamers, '" said Chu, calling Trump's decision to repeal DACA "one of the cruelest orders" he could issue. "With their courage and their patriotism". "With their courage, with their optimism, and with their inspiration, they make America more American".

Later, this same leader led a chant directed toward Pelosi, saying, "We, undocumented youth, demand your commitment in fighting for all 11 million!" And basically our conversation with Trump is, we don't want to hear about anything that you may want to do unless we have shared values around the dreamers. "We undocumented youth will not be a bargaining chip for Trump".

Some protesters carried signs saying: "Democrats are Deporters"-suggesting this is just the beginning of more protests against Democrats to come".

Standing alongside Pelosi and Matsui at the conference were Associated Students, Inc.

"It's all just political talk until you have pen on paper", said David Bier, immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute.

One male protest leader then started a call and response with the group, addressing Pelosi directly and pointing his finger at her: "Congresswoman Pelosi!"

Moments later, she was forced to leave the news conference.

Trump recently announced plans to halt a program giving them temporary legal status.

"The consequences are potentially catastrophic", said Jesse Gabriel, a lawyer for the plaintiffs. You know the answer.

The lawsuit joins others filed over President Donald Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which has allowed almost 800,000 immigrants to obtain work permits and deportation protection since 2012.

Six immigrants brought to the United States as children sued the Trump administration on Monday over its decision to end DACA. So has the University of California system.

The strategy backfired when a group of young protesters went after the Democrats instead with accusations that party leaders aren't doing enough to stem deportations.

The advocacy group California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance later wrote of the disruption that "Pelosi moved forward with the negotiation without consulting immigrant youth and community members who have been frustrated by her lack of support for immigrant justice in California".

Like Ramirez, sophomore liberal studies major Ashley Arias said family is also a strong motivation for her passion to see the Dream Act passed and hopes that the event will help her understand the problem at an even deeper level.

"I think it was probably the single biggest relinquishment of American leadership when the president basically said we're walking off the world stage on climate", he said.

The plaintiffs also include teachers, a medical student and a law student.

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