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Aston Martin developing personal submarine

29 September 2017, 12:39 | Floyd Cook

Got the DB11? Now own the submarine: Aston Martin's new Project Neptune

Aston Martin collaborates on design of submarine

The project - codenamed Project Neptune - is the first from new spin-off company Aston Martin Consulting, which for a fat fee will stick the Aston Martin grille on anything you like.

Aston Martin has revealed a design concept titled Project Neptune, produced in collaboration with submarine company Triton.

Florida-based Triton has been making small submarines for both scientific research and recreational users-the sort of billionaires who regard their superyachts as being incomplete without the ability to venture beneath the waves.

The concept design aims to lead to the development of a limited edition three-person vessel. If you find yourself in either of the two categories, perhaps you might also be interested in an Aston Martin submarine. "Project Neptune is defined by its sleek, elegant exterior", said VP and Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman.

Triton Submarines will be doing most of the heavy lifting with this project, and it isn't actually Aston Martin proper that Triton has teamed with.

Aston Martin wants to make a splash in the submersibles scene.

Aston Martin is a British luxury sports vehicle company and Triton Submarines of Vero Beach, Fla., is a top civil submarine manufacturer.

Aston Martin Consulting provides design, engineering and manufacturing services to select industries, distilling the brand's essence into exciting new projects without compromising Aston Martin's fundamental qualities.

"It is a clear and engaging demonstration of how Aston Martin's expertise in sports vehicle design and craftsmanship can be extended into new aspects of the luxury world".

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