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McCain's Odd Definition of 'Leading the Fight to Stop Obamacare'

31 July 2017, 12:53 | Floyd Cook

Win McNamee Getty Images President Donald Trump

Win McNamee  Getty Images	

	President Donald Trump

In a stinging blow to President Donald Trump, U.S. Senate Republicans failed on Friday to dismantle Obamacare, falling short on a major campaign promise and perhaps ending a seven-year quest by their party to gut the healthcare law.

The longtime Arizona senator stunned pretty much everyone Friday by turning on his party and his president and joining two other GOP senators in voting "no" on the Republicans' final effort to repeal "Obamacare".

Mr Trump's demands come after the Senate voted against his plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act - widely known as Obamacare.

The options were clear: vote for "skinny repeal" and get that version of the repeal bill to conference committee with the House of Representatives, where negotiators from the House and Senate could revise the bill further, or vote it down and effectively end the process, as no version of repeal legislation could reach 50 votes. "If Mitch McConnell can not get the job done then those 52 Republican senators have got to get together and try to figure out who amongst them have the leadership capability of getting the job done", he said.

"I'm not going to vote for a bill that is bad policy and politics just to get something done", Sen.

Some GOP senators anxious the measure would go back to the House, where leaders would put it on the floor, pass it and send it to Trump - who has said he would sign whatever lands on his desk when it comes to Republican-passed health care legislation.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called the so-called skinny repeal a, quote, "disaster" and "a fraud" in terms of policy, also awful politics, he said.

Some possible next steps, he said, could include stabilizing the individual market, maybe repealing the medical device tax and reforming the employer mandate.

But Ryan says "we should not give up" after promising for years to repeal and replace "Obamacare". "And we'll see how the American people feel about their ideas".

Other conservative and libertarian Republicans took to Twitter early Friday morning to explain that they voted for the impotent bill, but their efforts were not enough to push Obamacare off a cliff.

"This is clearly a disappointing moment", said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Other Republicans said it was time to move on to other legislative priorities such as tax reform.

And then, as Democratic Sen. He said if McConnell abandons the health care drive, "he should resign from leadership".

Numerous polls had shown little public support for the GOP's earlier proposals to repeal and replace Obama's law. Trump wrote on Thursday night.

Trump in an early morning tweet reacted to the Senate vote, writing "3 Republicans and 48 Democrats let the American people down". "They want to pass this bill, skinny repeal, and send it to the President".

In a statement released early this morning, Johnson said he was "disappointed not only in the failure to pass legislation to begin to fix the damage done by Obamacare, but also in the dysfunctional process that directly led to this result".

The day following the defeat of the latest attempt to overturn the Affordable Care Act, Republicans predictably expressed disappointment, Democrats relief, and both sides uncertainty over what, exactly, comes next.

The Senate was set to embark later on Thursday on a so-called vote-a-rama, a by-product of the special process under which the bill was brought up that avoids the need to win 60 votes in the 100-seat chamber for passage.

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