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Hastert Released from Prison After 13 Months

19 July 2017, 12:35 | Floyd Cook

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is seen here talking to the press in 2015

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is seen here talking to the press in 2015

Almost 13 months after checking in to a federal prison in Minnesota, former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has returned to Chicago under supervision to complete the remaining month of his sentence for breaking banking laws to hide his sexual abuse of teenage boys.

"Hastert pleaded guilty in October [2015] to illegally structuring bank withdrawals to evade reporting rules for large transactions".

Hastert, 75, was sentenced to 15 months in prison previous year, and reported to Rochester Federal Medical Center in Minnesota last June.

Hastert could not be prosecuted for the sex abuse because the statute of limitations had run out. But Politico notes that two men are suing him, alleging they were abused as kids.

His official release date was August 16, but prison records reportedly show he's under supervision as part of the re-entry program. Now, records from the Federal Bureau of Prison indicate Hastert is currently at a "residential re-entry management field office" in Chicago. Hastert, who has diabetes, suffered a stroke before he started his prison sentence. Hastert's transfer was reported by The Associated Press on Tuesday. "And we got quite a bit of information that ultimately resulted in one of the charges against him, which was lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation". The former IL congressman served as House speaker from 1999-2007, the longest-serving occupant of the post second in line to the presidency.

The Rochester prison where Hastert had been housed is affiliated with the nearby Mayo Clinic, with doctors and nurses on site providing high-level medical services to the approximately 700 male inmates assigned there who need long-term physical and mental health care.

"I want to apologize to the boys I mistreated when I was a coach", he said.

Prosecutors went into graphic detail about the sex-abuse allegations, even describing how Hastert would sit in a recliner in the locker room with a direct view of the showers. Hastert has also admitted he sexually abused late Yorkville High School wrestling team manager Stephen Reinboldt.

At the time, Hastert said he was "deeply ashamed" and said, "I know why I am here".

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