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Stephen Colbert Blasts Trump's Horrific Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control

08 June 2017, 02:13 | Vickie Mathis

If the airlines are not effectively investing in upgrading and modernizing their own systems, how can they possibly be trusted with oversight of air traffic control?

If the GOP's plan becomes a reality, the air-traffic control system would be removed from the auspices of the Federal Aviation Administration and turned into a nongovernmental nonprofit, with a board of directors including representatives for airlines, regulators and consumer advocates.

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association, a union representing almost 20,000 air-traffic controllers and other aviation safety-related professionals, supported Shuster's 2016 legislation.

We hope you will join us in efforts to keep the U.S. National Airspace the safest and most efficient system in the world and available to all aviation stakeholders.

Airlines contend that the FAA's NextGen program to modernize the air traffic system is taking too long and has produced too few benefits.

Trump said of air traffic controllers, "Under our plan they will have more financial security, professional opportunity, and far superior equipment - the best equipment anywhere in the world". "If you make it harder for small aircraft owners to fly, some of them are just going to stop". Canada is the only country to create what is clearly a private nonprofit air-traffic corporation.

As reported by NPR, the United States air traffic controllers union sees the initiative as generally positive, and may prompt a change for a system it sees as inefficient, while calling for more specific details.

In a conference call Monday afternoon with newspaper reporters around his 9th Congressional District, Shuster commended Trump for challenging what Shuster said is the old way of thinking in Washington.

The idea is to remove air traffic control from the vagaries of the government budget process, which has limited the Federal Aviation Administration's ability to commit to long-term contracts and raise money for major expenditures.

In fact, airlines -caused issues from broken planes, late crews, and other glitches accounted for most delays, more than weather and air traffic control combined.

"As long as we have this constant barrage of tweets and outrage du jour, it makes Congress' job of moving legislation that much harder", Heye said.

But winning congressional approval could prove hard. Sen. "All surpluses will be plowed back to be re-invested in the system", Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao explained.

Democrats have also pointed to the unprecedented safety under the current system and noted repeated computer system failures in recent years by US airlines, questioning whether they are ready to handle complex technology modernization.

The administration intends to move the spinoff plan separately from a $1 trillion infrastructure package but said it's up to Congress how they want to tackle both initiatives.

Executives from many commercial airlines, including United, Hawaiian, American and Southwest, were on hand for Trump's announcement and support his privatization plan.

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